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ENI System ®™ (Electromagnetic Nucleon Identification System).... A highly complex system of equipment which detects "anything hidden or cloaked" (within a general geographical local) with vectoring point programming. This system analyzes all matter's "natural identifiers" (through stimulation of nucleon frequency, vibration, rotation, spin, , resonance, sympathetic harmonics, gravitic & electromagnetic fields effect on aether change) then converts such pulses electronically utilizing specialized in-field computerization  for 99.2% accurate results.
       Most all detection and monitoring of geomagnetic disturbances, fluctuations, and
       geographical soundings is conducted with equipment, although more modernized,
       is actually STILL QUITE FUNDAMENTAL!..... (i.e. the petrol industry STILL can't assure
       positive accuracy when drilling for oil, gas, etc.)  (see typical geomagnetic detection equip)
LEEDS Anti-Gravity System®™.... An simplistic anti-gravity system which produces near weight-lessness of any objects located along world grid antipode collection points (vortexes). The mystery of the building of the pyramids has been solved.
MUNGL ®™.... An elaboration of "Tsou's Jelly" AEROGEL with certain  ingredients and processes changed and/or added/modified for more specialized applications. This most unique silicon dioxide based material has applications which could keep technicians busy discovering its many uses for the next ten years. Two of which are: it is the LEAST DENSE material and the BEST HOT/COLD INSULATOR in the world.... and my application is... well, er,.... "CLASSIFIED", sorry.   Let's just say it involves the military..... More information can be obtained at (see also - YOUtube - click)
XYZ Dimensional Encryption System ®™.... An encryption system, which is impossible to break utizing sophisticated yet simple to use "panel/axis code keys". System has infinite variables on four dimensional levels with another "infinite floating" reference point. (x, y, z, depth, and reference point. ~  axis points overlapping on base planar levels).
Solar 2000 System ®™.... A rather uncomplicated yet unique solar collector conversion system housed on a 12' square platform having the capability of supplying 8-10 houses (depending upon usage) with unlimited electricity for way less than public utilities cost per usage program. System requires only 20 mins. of sunshine every 3 days. Collected heat → converted to steam → generated electricity via super-efficient steam generator (clean - self contained - efficient - and inexpensive to run).
MUNZY Electromagnetic Free-Energy Motors & Generators ®™.... Perpetually self-running motors and generators, which generate substantial amounts of electricity with little to no maintenance. Operational 24/7 - industrial/commercial & residential grade applications  "enhanced by" MUNZY ELECTRO-POWER SAVER SYSTEMS ®™ (power savers which are connected to inside electrical panel boxes - SAVE 10-12% on ALL electric)
G-RAD Radiation Experts  -  electromagnetic radiation exposure, detetection, consultation, and shielding services....
Accurate analysis of radiation emmisions for determining health/safety/privacy factors with subsequent reccomendation(s) for rectification (shielding), negation, and/or assistance for the removal of such hazzards.
Commercial and Residential.
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