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                                                    is often called the "Fourth State of Matter", the other three
                                                    being solid, liquid, and gas. A plasma is a distinct state of
                                                    matter containing a significant number of electrically charged
                                                    particles, a number sufficient to affect its electrical properties
                                                    and behaivor.
                                                    In an ordinary gas each atom contains an equal number of
                                                    positive and negative charges; the positive charges in the
                                                    nucleus are surrounded by an equal number of negatively
                                                    charged eletrons, and each atom is electrically "neutral."
                                                    A gas becomes plasma when the addition of heat or ......



                                                    other energy causes a significant number of atoms to
                                                    release some or all of their electrons. The remaining parts of
                                                    those atoms are left with a positive charge, and the detached
                                                    negative electrons are free to move about. Those atoms and
                                                    the resulting electrically charged gas are said to be "ionized."
                                                    When enough atoms are ionized to significantly affect the
                                                    electrical characteristics of the gas, .... it is a plasma.
                                                                              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                                                    Ahhh.. and now my field of expertise..... plasma, created
                                                    within an electromagnetic field(s) and resonanated (in several
                                                    forms),.... for applications relating to anti-gravity, time dilation,
                                                    and time/space dimentional transversal.... the really dynamic
                                                                             forces of nature.
                                                                              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Plasma with a magnetic field strong enough to influence the motion of the charged particles is
said to be magnetized. A common quantitative criterion is that a particle on average completes
at least one gyration around the magnetic field before making a collision, i.e., \omega_{\mathrm{ce}} / v_{\mathrm{coll}} > 1,
where  \omega_{\mathrm{ce}}  is the "electron gyrofrequency" and  v_{\mathrm{coll}}  is the "electron collision rate".
It is often the case that the electrons are magnetized while the ions are not.
Magnetized plasmas are anisotropic, meaning that their properties in the direction parallel to the
magnetic field are different from those perpendicular to it.
While electric fields in plasmas are usually small due to the high conductivity, the electric field
associated with a plasma moving in a magnetic field is given  by \mathbf{E} = -v\times\mathbf{B} (where \mathbf{E} is
the electric field, \mathbf{v} is the velocity, and \mathbf{B} is the magnetic field), and is not affected by Debye Shielding.
The application of resonance in its many forms (ie. vibrational chamber, rotation, frequency,
modulation, peak durations, temperature, atmosphere, etc.) are too broad and intricate to
recount herein.
Erstaunlich!  My methods of experimentation with plasmatics applied in highly specialized
electromagnetic field containment, have resulted in extraordinary gravitic and time-dimensional
affectations.     CLASSIFIED WORK